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There are many stages in the hydrographics / water transfer printing process. It all starts in the correct preparation, base coating, dipping, washing & cleaning and as a final stage the clear coating and polishing to achieve a permanent surface solution.

Most importantly we support and promote only the best quality raw products available in the Australian hydrographics market for our customers and agents requirements across Oceania.

Here is a simple table with the hydrographic stages we undertake in many of our jobs.
Woods/Metals/Glass Parts
Plastics Parts
Pre-Cleaning / Scuffing
Adhesion Paint
Paint Base Coat
hydrographics Skin Applied
Washing /Drying
Quality Check
Sealer Coating
Clear Coating
Final Quality Check

Scuffing Pre-Cleaning/Flaming
Adhesion Promoter
Primer (if applicable)
Paint Base Coat
hydrographics design Applied
Washing /Drying
Quality Check
Sealer Coating
Clear Coating
Final Quality Check

The Hydrographics process is also known as:

  • Hydro Dipping

  • Hydrographics

  • Camo-Dipping

  • Immersion-printing

  • Hydro-Imaging

  • Hydro Graphics Dipping

  • Hydro Printing

  • Dip Print

  • water transfer printing

If you like to know more.... our team provides free hydrographics training across Australia, exclusivly for those who like to start a business and join our Team.

Call us today to discuss your oportunity to grow your business and join the biggest Australian team today!




We use the highest grade materials available in the industry all of your items are primed and painted to receive a perfect finish. Manual - Auto Dipping

We provide you with a choice of high-gloss clear coat finish, as well as a semi-gloss and matte finishes.

The paint system we use and supply is the leading edge product in Australia with word wide support and recognition in the automotive industry.

Tank controls

Our Hydrographics Australian national team of skilled professionals can help you determine which processes are best suited for your particular project.

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Hydro Paint

Hydro Dipping

hydrographics films

Hydrographics Activator

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