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Our Hydrographics and Special Services are available

Australia Wide

Many of our exclusive agents have extended their hydro dipping services to include, spray on chrome, powder coating, Cerakote Coatings, Thermal Coating and many others special effects.

Our "Do it yourself" DIY Hydrographics products including our Pro Hydrographics-Dip-Kit and chroming effects solutions are available on our on line strore


For a quote please contact our Head Office for your nearest HCA hydrographics agent Australia wide referal.

Choose from our type of products and Services available listed below:

In house Australia Wide Retail Dipping Services

Hydrographics standard surface coating

hydrographics dipp

Ask for our lifetime warranty on all of our applications.



logo hydro dipping

“The single Dip” process is suitable for most applications including automotive, Marine, Aircraft, Firearms and most hunting and fishing applications.
Our quotes prices will cover costs include parts preparations, priming and base colour basecoat application prior to film Pattern application and clear coat finish.

All Hydro Concepts products will be 2 pack clear coated(2 to 3 Coats) with your choice of Matte or Gloss finish and can be return shipped 48 hours after the last application is complete.

Contact us today to discuss your hydro dipping requirements.


Extra services with this process

We now offering your logo or image to be tranfered across any job we do. ask our team for information during your booking process today


Hydrographics Custom surface Coating

advance hydro dipping hydrographics

Ask for our life time warranty on all of our applications.



"The Custom Dip” process is likewise suitable for all applications but keep in mind that what we can dip once, we can dip twice or more to create a truly significant “One Off” finish for your particular application.

Various shades of base coats and special paint effects to the substrate can be incorporated in to multiple overlays to create a very unique end product surface coating.

Film applications can be taped and reverse taped, overlaid and blended to produce a finish that would be hard if not impossible to reproduce making this one off process extremely attractive for Firearms, Auto, Marine and Aircraft applications.

Extra printing services

We now offering your logo or image to be tranfered across any job we do in a special WT Decal up to A4 size print. ask our team for information during your booking process today


Hydrographics - Water Transfer Printing

Business setup and product distribution

business hydrographics setup


Our Group is the first and the largest Australian company since 2008 authorised and certified for the Australasian WTP product distribution.

Our primary focus is to setup and assist professionals providing a turn key solution who chose to start up new business or add on our technology with their current business operating.

For more information, please contact our Melbourne Hydrographics Head Office for information for our water transfer printing bolt on packages available and Join HCA today!

Download our Australian Designed Hydrographics Dipping tanks Specifications

Hydro Dipping tank Hydrographics

Special Effects & DIY Paint Effects Kits



candy Paint special effects


Candy paint special effect



Chameleon Paint

Our Chemical business section is now offering pre mixed of the most popular paint special effects across Australia , our range includes Chameleon / Shifting Colour Special Effects surface coatings and many more.

Ask our technical team for products availability to assist you with your project

  Chameleon Paint Cataloque



vertual chroming


We have also developed a number of paint special effects including Mirror Chrome, Spectra effects and glow in the dark solvent bese products, which can be incorporated with our hydrographics products or as a stand alone products on any paintable surface.

Super Chrome mirror full Kit


Super Chrome mirror Paint

Thermochromic Paint

Colour standard Options

or (customer designed)

dark yellow- light yellow
dark red-light red
dark green-light green
dark blue- light blue

Thermochromic Paint

is a special effect paint that change with temperature surface chan ges.

The special pigment becomes colorless or can even change colour, revealing the base coat underneath. Our special paint is design has a lower Heat Sensitive Pigment, and its released in 250ml 500ml and 1 LTR premixed KITS ready to used.

Our standard colour KIT tempreture colour change is pre set at 32 C.

YES We can custom mix your own choice coatings colours inlcuding temreture rating as a special order..

Contact our office fo more information and assistance today.



Shifting colours paint


Spectrum Prismatic Rainbow effects
Our prismatic effects is one of a kind premix paint which allow you to experiment with any colour base you like.

UV changing paint



Photochromic Inks change color when exposed to ultraviolet light, usually from the sun or a black light. The special effect paint are effectively colorless indoors and turn into vibrant color, outdoors. When brought back inside, the inks become clear again. The inks become intensely colored after only 15 seconds in direct sunshine and return to clear after about 5 minutes indoors.

Colour range available
Glow in the dark furo paint

Glow In The Dark

Our product is Multi-purpose marking paint, concentrated and resistant.
The fluorescent paints have the amazing property to reflect more light than they receive due to to highly saturated colour, an object that is painted with fluorescent and put among other pieces, has the capacity to catch immediately the attention of the audience. Our product is specially formulated in Australia available in 250ml kit and available from our online store.

heat resistant paint high tempreture paint system

We now have the ability and the products to mix all your standard paint products requirments to meet our technology standards and quality required.

We can also turn a complete paint system into heat resistance paint our High-temperature-resistant coatings are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from 150°C (300°F) to over 760°C (1,400°F) while providing protection against corrosion.
Our team will now turn any colour your desire or sealer to heat resistant... Call our office today for information available MADE TO ORDER ONLY!


Why Choose Our Products & Services?

  • WARRANTY: Many of our agents including the head office will provide a choice a 5 years standard or you have a choice of a Life Time Warranty for work completed with us.

  • Quality products fully tested and Authorised Across Australia.
  • Receive prompt and professional service from authorised hydrographics fully trained professionals

  • We will also match any competitors quote for the same product used across Australia

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Proud to be using leading edge paint systems refinishing products provided by our partners

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Hydrographics ONLINE STORE 



We use the highest grade Hydrographics and paint products available in the industry all of your are prepered as per the manufactur standards to receive a perfect finish.Hydrographics training
We provide you with a choice of high-gloss clear coat as well as a semi-gloss and matte finishes also in Ceramic if requested.
The paint system we use and supply is the leading edge product in Australia with word wide support and recognition in the automotive and marine industries.


Tank controls

Our Nationa Hydrographics Australian team of skilled professionals can help you determine which processes are best suited for your particular project.




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hydro dipping wheels

hydrographics patterns

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